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Written by Patrick Cleveland, Founder & Clinical Director

This video is a lecture on some fundamental concepts of psychoanalytic theory. It is an excerpt from a longer class lecture I gave to my Fall 2016 Abnormal Psychology course at Long Beach City College. In this lecture I provide a brief overview of Freud's divided mind theory (id, ego, super-ego) which describes the different parts of the mind, how they work together,  against each other, and how they relate to our experience and everyday lives. I use Lacan's concept of the mirror phase to illustrate how the id, ego, and super-ego develop from the time of birth. I discuss how ego is built from language given to us by our parents, and how language thus becomes the structure of consciousness. I then discuss how the unconscious and the ego are related to languange. I use music, poetry, and the arts as examples of methods that humans use try to capture and express that which is outside of language, what society has forbidden or repressed, or what may lie in unconscious of the artist, poet, writer, artist, etc.

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