Teens & Young Adults

Written by Patrick Cleveland, Clinical Director

Here at Daybreak Counseling Center we all have extensive experience working with the unique and complex issues that face adolescents, teens, college students, and young adults. As a  younger group of therapists we are regularly sought out to work with these age groups by parents and young people themselves. We all have extensive experience working with these age groups. I personally have vast experience in counseling and psychotherapy with these age groups both in community mental health and private practice settings. I work hard to train my staff on current therapeutic theories and techniques associated with teens and young adults. You can click here to see my CV that lists the numerous facilities and organizations I've worked with over the years in both northern and southern California.

Adolescents, teens, college students ,and young adults face many of the same issues that we face as adults only many of them are facing them for the first time and have yet to develop the emotional intelligence, resources, and coping skills that comes with experience. Psychotherapy and counseling can be a safe place for young people to learn to express themselves fully, navigate their thoughts, learn coping skills, formulate solutions, contemplate career goals, and work through life issues in order to enable them to grow and mature into more intelligent, cabaple, and insightful adults.

With the resurgence of sexuality that emerges in adolescence, young people find themselves in a time of transition torn between the ego they have constructed during their early years of development against this strange energy that creates new physiological changes in their bodies forcing the adolescent into a struggle where they must learn to merge these two major parts of the self. This is a pivotal time in the development of adolescents where they are most susceptible to peer pressure, substance use, and other patholgical group think/behavior.

Young people entering college for the first time often find a host of issues and new challenges they have to face. Whether it’s the stress of meeting deadlines, taking exams, figuring our what to major in, how to study effectively. sexual exploration, the pain of a first break up, or the anxiety of living away from the home for the first time. Psychotherapy and counseling can a productive space to work through such issues, find solutions, and build new coping skills.

If you are a young person or the parent of a young person interested in psychotherapy and counseling feel free to give us a call for a free telephone consultation at 562-566-4257. We look forward to speaking with you.

"Good habits formed at youth make all the difference" - Aristotle

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